College Corner

Ms. Amanda Madenberg

Director of College Counseling

Ms. Madenberg is a certified School (Guidance) Counselor with a background in College Advising.  In addition to her experience working at NYC Lab, Amanda has worked in multiple college admissions offices, tutored for standardized tests, and coached new-to-the-profession college counselors in how to mentor students in the process.  Ms.Madenberg's favorite part of her job is meeting with and getting to know students to support them in the steps they want to take after high school.  Ms.Madenberg stays in frequent communication with all Lab families by means of an email called College Corner, which you receive on Mondays.  In this newsletter (and during weekly postsecondary lessons with second-semester juniors and seniors all year), Ms.Madenberg will share resources and advice about standardized test prep, financial aid, the college process timeline, and more.  Ms.Madenberg has also shared a College Office Resource Drive with all Lab students so that they can begin learning when they are ready as underclassmen. 

Keep an eye out for College Corner updates!