Admissions Guidance

Lab learners collaborate, question, reflect, and advocate for their own needs and for the needs of others.  Lab is a full-inclusion school in which all classes are comprised of general education and special education students learning together.  We are deeply invested in Racial Equity, Social Emotional Learning, and student-centered, project-based Deep Learning that emphasizes process over product, depth over breadth, and the growth mindset.  At Lab, we are motivated by community, family, love, and joy, rather than competition, profit, and fear.  Our relationships are our greatest assets; they undergird academic, social, and emotional development.

NYC Lab High School has made the decision to continue offering AP exams going forward.  This is different guidance than what was previously mentioned during the Fall Open Houses.

Every 8th grade student residing in the five boroughs of New York City is eligible to apply to the NYC LAB School. Please see NYC Selection Criteria for Screened Admissions page for more information:

If you have any questions please email Assistant Principals Jason or Olivia Arroyo-   or visit the most updated NYC Myschools link: