Club Name Faculty Advisors Meeting Time/Period Meeting Location/Room Meeting Day of Week
Student Government Organization Reckhow Lunch 323 Wednesday
Asian Culture Yang, Jackii Lunch 311 Monday
Anime Illustration Duec Lunch 308 Wednesday
Anime Berentson TBD TBD TBD
Astronomy Price Lunch 313 Wednesday
Big Sib Duec; Magda varies – check GC varies – check GC varies – check GC
Bike Duffy After school TBD TBD
Black Student Union Duru Lunch 308 Friday
Board Games Yang Lunch 311 Thursday
Body Positivity Dreyer Lunch 305 Thursday
Book Duec Lunch 308 Last Monday of each month
Botany Duffy Lunch 313 Monday
Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul Brown Lunch 331 Wednesday
Bullet Journal & Crafts Jackii/Whelan Lunch 313 Tuesday
Chess Rubel Lunch 315 Tuesday
Coding Sutton Lunch 306 Tuesday
College Art Portfolio Prep Riina Lunch 301 Thursday
Community Service Keough
D&D Guild Sprinkle After school 309 Friday
DECA Chan Lunch 320 Friday
Debate Zimmer After school 305 Thursday
Digital Squared Sutton Lunch 306 Thursday
LTC Drama
LTC Productions
Lunch 304 Wednesday
eye to eye Teitelbaum Lunch 304 Tuesday
Finance Zimmer Lunch 305 Wednesday
Financial Literacy Riina Lunch 301 Wednesday
Gender Sexuality Alliance Doyle
Lunch 317 Tuesday
Green Team Sprinkle Lunch 309 Monday
International Duffy Lunch 307 Monday/Friday
(Jewish Student Association)
Mark Lunch 310 Thursday
LAB Change Makers Sprinkle Lunch 309 Thursday
LAB Flag Football Drozd Lunch Courtyard Monday/Wednesday
LAB Leaders Chan Lunch 320 Wednesday
(Make Our Schools Safe)
Doyle Lunch TBD Monday
Movie Kimmel Lunch 331 Wednesday
MUN (Model United Nations) Rubel After school 315 Tuesday
Music Appreciation Duru Lunch 308 Thursday
Music Pilon Lunch 316 Monday
Muslim Student Association
O’Keeffe Lunch 302 Tuesday
(Young Democrat Socialists of America)
Duru After school 308 Tuesday
Ride for Riley Tejada      
Self Defense Ciocca
After school Courtyard Monday/Wednesday
Spanglish Duec
Lunch 308 Tuesday
Splatoon Garay Lunch 302 Monday
Study Sessions O’Keeffe Lunch 302 Friday
The LAB Report Zimmer Lunch 305 Friday
TV Soohkoo Lunch 318 Tuesday
Urban Aquatics and Fisheries Price Lunch 313 Tuesday
Video Game Fight Keough Lunch 313 Friday
Weightlifting Lodato After school 126 Monday
Women’s Empowerment
Dreyer Lunch 305 Tuesday