Anime and Manga Club

In club, we will have tons of fun discussing anime and manga. You can come if you are the most seasoned weeb or someone who has never watched anime and manga before. This is a judgement free zone! So come check it out and have some fun!

Asian Culture Club

In Asian Culture Club, we discuss current events, build one’s confidence to speak about their opinion, and learn about Asian culture and religion.

Black Student Union

We are committed to providing a safe and fun space to engage Black and Brown students at LAB. Our goal is to promote cultural, intellectual, social and political awareness and growth around racial justice and equity issues that effect the Black and Brown community at LAB, in NYC and the world.

Big Sibs

We want to give upperclassmen and freshmen an opportunity to pair together and learn from each other. We believe that we can benefit from getting to know people of other grades and ages and that we can all help each other out in many ways.

Book Club

To provide Labbies with an opportunity to read books outside of class and discuss literature.

Business Enlightenment Club

Whether it be a question about taxes, national debt, or the economy, we will try to provide information and build general and in-depth understanding of business. Each week, there will be a presentation about a specific or general aspect of business.

CCC (Communications + Collaborations Club)

We strive to build a community that encourages more communication and collaboration between members. There will be partner tasks that will be assigned to members in the google classroom. The club will meet on zoom occasionally.

Chess Club

With school being closed, we can’t meet in a normal classroom and play with chess sets. However, we want students to continue playing the game. We will have a google classroom where students can add each other and play the game of chess online. There will little to no club meetings, rather each week we might post some interesting techniques to try out.

Community Service Club

Community service club offers students the opportunity to better themselves and their community, earn community service hours, and raise money for organizations they are passionate about.

Current Events Club

By attending current events club, not only are you educating yourself on prevalent issues going on in our world, but you would be making Lab a better overall environment. In current events club this year, we will be covering topics such as: the election, COVID-19/vaccine, world issues, natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires, and more.

D&D Guild

Welcome to the Dungeons and Dragons Guild of Lab, where we fellow nerds can have fun playing in whole other worlds. We will experience any number of tragedies and great tales. Who knows, it may inspire you!


DECA is a global network of over 225,000 student members preparing for universities and careers focusing in Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, and Business Management. DECA provides students and advisors with resources and lessons to prepare students for DECA competitions, be part of communities, and learn to be professional, responsible, business leaders. We, the business leaders of tomorrow, utilize DECA resources to gain real world experience through competitions, field trips, internships, and more. Join me and our team in embarking on this journey.

Film Study Club

Members will submit clips of their favorite movies/TV series, and one submission will be chosen for all members to watch and respond to multiple questions like “What makes this clip stand out?” We will continually add to a list of traits that make a clip/video entertaining.

Fitness Club

Welcome to Fitness club! This is a judgement free zone and it doesn’t matter how much experience you have with working out. It does not matter. That’s what we’re here for!

Gender Sexuality Alliance

Welcome to GSA Club! GSA Club is a club dedicated to making LAB a safe space for LAB students of all identities!

Girls Who Code

Coding club for all! Join us Fridays after school to learn programming and have fun.

Green Team

In our lovely club we explore ways to make our Lab community and city as a whole more sustainable! Green team members push each other through thoughtful open discussions to not only help better our immediate environment, and Lab but also question the sustainability of our own lifestyles. We want YOU to help us come up with creative solutions to make sustainability accessible and interesting to our Labbies because our earth is in dire need of some help!

K-pop Dance Club

This club is for anyone (you don’t have to know about kpop to join!) who wants to learn fun kpop choreos from popular K-pop groups such as Twice, Blackpink, BTS, Stray Kids, and more. Every week we will learn the main parts of many dances. You can suggest dances that you would like for us to teach! We hope to see you there on Wednesdays.

Kpop Club

Welcome to KPOP Club! For starters, you don’t have to know anything about KPOP to join this club. We are trying to create the most relaxing and comfortable environment in this club! You could always sign up and see if it’s your cup of tea. Some things we will do in this club is watching and discussing old and recent KPOP idols/music. We will play semi-competitive games and watch Kdrama together! We hope to see you there!

La Alianza

La Alianza is an organization that seeks to promote a stronger Latinx community at Lab. La Alianza is an inclusive space for underrepresented Latinx students on campus in a predominantly White school. The goal of La Alianza is to be open to all who wish to express their many different cultures, beliefs, and experiences. We want to ensure that all voices are heard and are part of “la familia.” La Alianza strives to promote inclusion and intersectionality for Latinx students by creating an open environment for students to come together to have conversations and to take action for the betterment of Latinx peoples at Lab, in NYC, and around the world. La Alianza is open to all Lab students. Allies are welcome.

Lab’s Geography and Environment Society

In Lab’s Geography and Environment Society, we: discuss current events and world issues, learn about different cultures, find ways we can make a difference, learn about people’s innovative solutions to world problems, discover each others’ culture and geographic interests, play fun games, and get engaged with our global community!

Lab’s Dems

Right now our country is so divided we want to make sure The Lab community stays united. This club may be called Lab’s Dems, but it’s more than just about politics. In this club, we debate about important issues in our community and bring awareness to others. History is happening all around us every day, and it is a very important time for people to learn and grow to educate others. Our goal is not to convert you to another side, but just to be aware of the issues and to educate others.

Model United Nations 

In MUN (Model United Nations or Model UN) we deal with real world issues and work to find solutions. We attend conferences where you represent a nation (or occasionally a person), and debate with other delegates to come to the best resolution on your issue, while still maintaining your nation’s views. Issues that we debate have a wide range. Conferences provide a fun space for lively debate and conversation. In club, we prepare for conferences with lessons and mock debates. At the end of the year, we host our own conference, LabMUNC, where all members of the club participate. Although most of this will be online this year, we are fully prepared to make this another exciting and fun year of MUN at Lab. Day to day club will help prepare you for conferences and is more calm and fun, conferences are more competitive and serious than club.

MOSS (Make Our School Safe)

MOSS is a national non-profit organization dedicated to protecting all teachers and students in school. Our goal will be to find ways to make our school feel as safe as possible, as well as pass along this goal to create a culture of school safety. Alongside all of that, we will be working towards passing Alyssa’s law in New York!

Music Club

Either you play an instrument or want to learn how to, the music club is here to help you improve.  We plan on sorting each other into breakout rooms depending on what instrument you want to play/learn.  Meetings will be every Monday between 12:30 and 1:00 via Zoom.  Feel free to let us know if you have any problems in regards to this schedule.

Sneakerhead Club

The Lab Sneaker Club will be exploring hype sneakers and streetwear, and the brands that make the sneakers like, Nike/Jordan, Adidas, Puma, Off-white, and many more. We will be exploring 6 different categories: design, manufacturing, retail and resell and trade, sneaker history and culture, and marketing strategies.

Sports Current Events Club

In this club, we will talk about current news, highlights, issues, and developments all related to national sports. From the NCAA to the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, and Nascar, we cover whatever YOU (our club members) want to talk about and explore. More specifically, we will look at players’ statistics, projections, and what they do to make a difference off the field as well as on the field. This club can entail debating trades, deals, and draft picks across all sports-even women’s sports-we are not going to limit ourselves to just talking about men. Among other things, we will analyze the way that players, coaches, and leagues handle covid, racial injustices, and changes in the playing field. We will talk about anything, but we listen for your input to decide what we talk about or look at each meeting.

Student Government

Lab SGO is comprised of 4 factions: Finance, Student Concerns, Publicity, and Event Planning. In Finance, you will find ways for Lab to raise money, (bake sales, merch, during PTCs, etc.). Student Concerns creates a platform for students to safely/anonymously voice their concerns about Lab. Publicity spreads awareness about upcoming events/ things that are happening within the Lab community. And, event planning helps organize student events. At the beginning of the school year, you will have the opportunity to pick the group that you would like to work in.

The Lab Report

The Lab Report is the school’s student-run newspaper. We write about issues in and outside of Lab. We have positions for writers, editors, and designers of the paper!

The Period Project

As part of this club, we use period products sent to us by companies, and we go out to homeless shelters in the community to distribute them. But, before we can do this, we will have a package party! This is one day a month where we put together care packages (including other toiletries) with the menstrual products before we distribute them to the women.

Video Game Fight Club

We used to play Smash Ultimate, but since the world was self-lobotomized, we have to resort to free-to-play mobile games such as Among Us and Skribbl. Hopefully, we can also get Jackbox Party Pack(don’t get us cancelled by keyboard warriors scrolling the vast expanse of Twitter). This plan is set until the coronavirus deletes itself or our government remembers how to govern. Hopefully, we can safely play in-person. If you are interested in being a true gamer(and member), sign up and download Among Us. If you have Discord, that’s even better. We have a dedicated Discord server if you would like to join. The server has the club’s previous leaders and some of their friends.

Women’s Empowerment Club 

Women’s Empowerment Club (WEC) is an all-gender inclusive community that is dedicated to discussing, confronting, and exploring vast inequalities and injustices not only faced by women but also by all of the intersecting clauses in its realm. Whether it be LGBTQAI+ rights, racism, body positivity, gender pay gap, sexual assault, women in politics, and much more, our club embraces all perspectives and experiences into our conversations.

21 Seconds (Clean Water Accessibility Club)

Every 21 seconds a person dies due to water disease. Our goal is to make clean water more accessible to the people who need it. In our club, we strategize with members for ways to raise money for P & G packets (a water purification powder). This money will be going directly to P&G and other organizations that help with this cause.