Fordham Gabelli School of Business

Students have the chance to be part of three of Fordham University’s programs offered by the Gabelli School of Business: the NYC Business Insider Program, the Finance Institute and the Exploring Entrepreneurship Program. Each program is designed specifically for high school students.

The goal is “to connect students to these programs who are excited about business and may have an interest in attending Fordham—or a university similar to Fordham. Each of these opportunities could be a great way, in just a few days, to get a feel for college and a sense of academic study in business, finance and entrepreneurship.”

NYC BUSINESS INSIDER PROGRAM: a one-week program designed to immerse rising high school juniors and seniors in the commercial center of New York City. Participating students will benefit from morning class sessions with top faculty from Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business, lunch discussions with our undergrads and administrators, followed by afternoon site visits to prominent New York City businesses. Last year’s program included a trip to PVH (home of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger), a trip to the Madison Square Garden, and a visit to KPMG.

The dates for the NYC Business Insider Program are June 24 to 28.

FINANCE INSTITUTE: Wall Street In The Classroom: The Finance Institute is geared towards students who envision the possibility of finance in their future, or who simply want to learn more about how to manage their own finances. Student participants will learn about financial markets, stocks and bonds, alternative investments, risk management, ethics, and industry trends; they will also have the opportunity to visit a finance firm in NYC.

The dates for the Finance Institute are July 8-12.

EXPLORING ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The Exploring Entrepreneurship program will allow high school students to explore entrepreneurship in New York City. Hosted by the Fordham Foundry, Fordham’s hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the program will provide a comprehensive overview of the entrepreneurial process and introduce students to crucial concepts in the world of startups. Student participants will work in teams to develop a new business idea and pitch it to a panel of university professors; they will also visit a NYC-based startup incubator.

The dates for Exploring Entrepreneurship are July 15 to 19.