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Meet Our College Counselors

Ms. Madenberg

Director of College Counseling


Ms. Madenberg is a certified School (Guidance) Counselor with a background in College Advising. In her past experiences, she’s been a College Counselor at another high school, worked in multiple college admissions offices, tutored for the SAT/ACT, and coached new-to-the-profession college counselors in how to mentor students in the process. Ms. Madenberg’s favorite part of her job is meeting with and getting to know students to support them in the steps they want to take after high school. On this webpage, there are resources and advice about standardized test prep, financial aid, the college process timeline, and more. All of the tabs will be updated frequently, particularly the College Office Updates tab, which documents all of Ms. Madenberg’s past announcements to students/parents.

Ms. Israel

College Counselor

Lab School students are a diverse group of individuals. We at Lab foster that individuality and recognize that each student is on his or her own path. College is a part of that path for nearly all of our students.

The college process is a research project, much like the inquiry based learning our students have encountered in their academic courses at Lab. Together we will explore the essential questions underlying the decision as to which colleges are a good fit for each student. We will consider each student’s hopes and dreams as well as strengths and weaknesses. We will learn which colleges can best help them on their way.

We have designed this website to help you with your research. It will help explicate the process of choosing colleges and applying to them. There are a vast number of resources and opinions and experiences concerning the college process. We have chosen amongst them and present only those that we deem valuable. The information is by no means exhaustive. Your feedback will help make our website the best resource possible.​