ACC – Asian Culture Club
Spread the word about Asian culture.

Amnesty Club
To bring and fight and advocate for human rights and social injustice.

Anime Club
To explore and enjoy Japanese animation as a group.

ASL Club
The American Sign Language Club is a club where you get the opportunity to learn another language that doesn’t even involve speaking! In this club, you’ll be able to learn how to communicate with others using this language.

Badminton Club
Learn How to Play Badminton, Make Friends, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

Black Alliance Club
To create a safe space where people of all races, not only black people, can come together to speak about topics or issues, pertaining to race, that they are passionate about.

Body Positivity Club
We are a club promoting body acceptance. We will also seek to deconstruct beauty myths and empower one another for who we are.

Book Club
Like books? What more is there to say?

Business of Sports
The Business of Sports: How do you get into it?

Cancer Awareness Society
To educate the Lab community about all the different types of cancer and to raise money.

Chess Club
If you like chess, come and join during lunch and have some fun with your friends.

College Sports Talk
We will gather to discuss college football games and provide opinions of who will make the playoff and win the Championship. Additionally, during college basketball season we will discuss college basketball.

Fashion Club
We learn about fashion and its value.

Future Business Leaders of America
Teach students about the business world and prepare them to lead businesses in the future.

GIN Community Service
Global Issues Network is a worldwide group of teens who take action to solve the greatest issues that our world is facing by doing community service! Whether you need to fill in your 54 required community service hours or you want to find a way to give back to your community and better yourself while doing so, join us!

Girl Talk
We want to be able to have a group of girls, and talk about anything.

Girls Who Code
Coding club to expose students to computer science and coding activities.

Green Team
In order to save the environment (or at least prevent its further ruin), you have to start somewhere. Why not start in your immediate community? The Lab School is wrought with environmental and sustainability issues ready to be solved by you!

GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)
Gender and Sexuality Alliance is a safe space for all LGBTQ+ students and allies. Our doors are open to all who are open-minded (LGBTQ+ identifying or not) and want to become involved in the discussion on gender and sexuality!

Health Professions Club
To introduce students to the medical field. We will learn about professions in medicine, dissect animals, learn about our bodies and more!

HIV/AIDS Action League
Our main goal is to spread HIV/AIDS awareness in the Lab, Chelsea, and NYC communities!

Jewish Culture Club (JCC)
In this social and informative club, we address pertinent issues regarding Judaism, while allowing members to connect and grow.

Junior State of America
To strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society.

Lab Entrepreneurship Club powered by M.I.T Launch
Working with M.I.T launch to build our own start-up companies and learn about the business aspect of it all. Building leadership skills.

Liner Notes Literary Magazine
The Liner Notes literary magazine is a cultural institution, simply put. Anything you’d like to submit that can be printed on paper is welcome! This includes, but is not limited to: drawings, stories, poems, photographs, op-eds, clever memes, interviews, and photographs from various history teachers’ goth phases. Participation in the club isn’t necessary for contribution, but if you want to be further involved in the making of the magazine, we would love for you to join us!

This club promotes solving and thinking skills. We will complete different puzzles, scavenger hunts, and more games to demonstrate our flexible thinking. We will be working our mind and logic skills in varying degrees of fun!

Model United Nations
Model United Nations (aka that club you heard about in middle school but seemed kind of boring) is an international association of student-run debate clubs. Learning, cultivating, and utilizing your knowledge through research, writing, and public speaking skills are key elements of this club. If you are interested in improving any of these skills. If you want a safe space to talk and debate about issues that matter to you; If you are interested in politics, journalism, history, humanitarianism, or any other issue that you think is important, do not hesitate to join MUN!

Music Club
To relax and play music. There a piano and we can grab a guitar from the music room. Have fun and show off, but remember that it’s a room of relaxation.

Ping Pong
To have fun and play ping pong.

Read It Forward
Read It Forward hosts book drives throughout the school year collecting gently used books and donating them to schools and community organizations without funds to purchase on their own.

Science Olympiad
We are interested in starting the Science Olympiad at Lab. The Science Olympiad https://www.soinc.org is a science based competition that starts in New York City and advances regionally and nationally each competition. We would explore the different categories of the Science Olympiad such as: Crime Busters, Potions and Poisons, Microbe Mission, Anatomy and Physiology, and more. (You can find more interesting topics on the Science Olympiad website). We are hoping to have fifteen or more students in our club so we can be involved in the first round of competition and potentially make it to the last round. Our goal in introducing this club is to allow students at school to be able to express their interest in science outside of the classroom and delve deeper into experiments and activities. With proper funding, we will be able to purchase kits from the Science Olympiad website. This funding can include bake sales, a gofundme account, and possibly parent donations.

Social Action
Social Action is an opportunity to use our collective resources to further a progressive agenda for social change.

Spanglish Club
To spread awareness and help fix issues surrounding the LatinX community in the US, as well as to expose the Lab community to the different cultures within the LatinX community.

Sports Debate
To engage in thoughtful debate over the issues in our sports world.

The Life of Lab Newsletter Club
To bring backs monthly informative newspaper that covers various topics from places to eat, to sports, to the Lab community, etc.

The Vault Weight Lifting Club
Accomplishment comes from hard work and determination.

Video Game Fight Club (but also has board games)
The goal of the club is to show people that video games can bring people together and even though video game is in title of the club, there can be cards games in roster too.

Young Democrats
The Young Democrats are involved in political discussions, current events, and helping to shape the future of America.

NYC LAB High School Student Involvement