A Great Life After NYC Lab High School

NYC Lab High School graduated its first class over 20 years ago, and our students have achieved immense success in college, careers and beyond. Our alumni base is an important part of the Lab High School community, and lends to the inclusive, impassioned and collaborative spirit and values that we advocate.

Alumni are encouraged to stay engaged with visits, connections and support. We are in the process of bolstering the alumni program:

Alumni Events
Gatherings for alumni including opportunities to participate in select Lab HS events and symposiums.

Student Advocacy and Mentoring
Helping our students connect with the NYC community through early exposure to organizations and companies that can better inform their interests and pursuit of new opportunities.

College Insight
Providing a network for current students to take advantage of first-hand college entrance process and on-campus experiences.

Career Guidance and Mentoring
Assisting alumni in securing internships and finding opportunities to explore their passions through college and beyond.

What can you do now?

Alumni: Sign up to ensure that you are a part of our growing alumni base. In addition to getting updates, you also receive information about special events and opportunities to volunteer, lend your expertise or provide support.

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