We will be holding a Zoom Open House on Wednesday, January 27th at 6 to introduce you to our school, and to share updated admissions information. 
If you would like to attend, please register using the link below.


Find our 2021 Virtual Orientation and more on our NYC Lab School Youtube channel!”


Every 8th grade student residing in the five boroughs of New York City is eligible to apply to the NYC LAB School.

Admissions Rubric – Screened Program

We are in the process of reviewing our Admissions rubric and will advise shortly. 

For your reference, our 2019-2020 admissions rubric was as follows:

All students who meet the below criteria for grades, test scores, and attendance, will receive an equal ranking of 1. 

·       Grades:  85 or higher in all core subjects- English, History, Math, and Science

·       State Test Scores*:  3 or higher on ELA and Math 

·       Attendance: 10 or fewer absences; 10 or fewer latenesses (extenuating circumstances will be considered)

*Students from private schools with different standardized test scores will have their test scores converted based on percentiles.

If you have any questions, please email us at nycallaboutlab@gmail.com


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