our 4 year sequence

Freshman Year 

  • English 9
  • Living Environment
  • Global 9
  • Math- Algebra or Geometry
  • Spanish- I, II, or III
  • Music 9 & Communications of STEM (On alternating days)
  • Physical Education & Health (On alternating days)
  • Family Circle

Spanish placement is determined by: middle school Spanish experience- students who have taken and passed the Spanish Proficiency Exam taken in 8th grade, and who have accelerated credit on their middle school transcripts, will be placed in Spanish II. Some changes may take place early in the semester based on classroom data and teacher observations.

Students who have already earned credit for Living Environment, will be placed in Advanced Topics Biology.

Math placement is determined by middle school math experience- students who took and passed both the Common Core Algebra class AND the corresponding Regents exam will be placed in Geometry.

Sophomore Year 

  • English 10
  • Chemistry 
  • Global 10
  • Math- Geometry or Advanced Algebra 
  • Spanish II, III, or IV
  • Art 10
  • Physical Education 
  • Family Circle

Junior Year 

  • AP Language & Composition 
  • Physics 
  • AP US History 
  • Math- Advanced Algebra  or Precalculus
  • Spanish III, IV, or AP Spanish
  • An elective course (see below)
  • Junior Seminar/College Advisory
  • Physical Education
  • Family Circle

Senior Year 

  • AP Literature & Composition 
  • AP Environmental Science
  • Economics & Participation in Government (semester based courses)
  • AP Calculus, Precalculus, or Statistics
  • Two elective courses
  • Senior Seminar- including College Advisory
  • Physical Education
  • Family Circle

Elective Offerings

  • Survey of Linguistics
  • Wellness
  • Singing the Bones: Unearthing Personal Cultural Lineages
  • Creative Writing
  • Disability Visibility & Justice
  • Podcasting
  • Band
  • Fashion
  • Design Thinking
  • AP Computer Science
  • AP Government
  • Photoshop
  • Space! The Final Frontier (The Science in SciFi)
  • TRY S**T: Learning Skills to Shape Change
  • Album Appreciation
  • Modern Band
  • Comic Books